About Lourens

Lourens grew up in a religious and conservative home. Life moulded him to become the owner of an industrial chemical waste management company. Seeking ways to manage stress, he stumbled upon alternative healing modalities.

A completely new reality opened up for him as he realised that he was born with extra-sensory abilities. In his quest to know more, he spent years encountering great teachers, mainly from the Far East and India, who systematically taught him how to effectively utilise his gift of mindfulness, so that he could help others overcome an array of life challenges.

Today, he is highly sought after from around the world for mental, emotional and physical healing. He revitalises people by harmonising their own unique set of natural energies. His clairvoyant vision assists him enormously because it allows him to see what he is doing and his clairaudience allows him to provide clarity that assists his clients in finding realistic problem-solving solutions.

Although he assists the dead in crossing over, he does not provide a service channelling messages between the living and their deceased loved ones. His work focuses more on helping his clients who are still in their physical body, to improve their lives.

Lourens lives his passion by using his extra-sensory abilities to help others optimise the value they get from life. He is a humble man who devotes his success with gratitude, respect and love to all his teachers of this and other worlds, from whom he continues to learn every day.
He lives in Cape Town, South Africa.