When you Die (Book)


Author :  Lourens Coetzer
Title :  When you die
First Edition :  2017
ISBN :  978-0-620-68718-18
Final Product :  Soft Cover
Pages :  281

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Have you ever questioned the meaning of life? Or wondered about what happens when you die?

Joshua never did, until some daring encounters with those who have died changed his life completely.

Joshua is an arrogant young man, dismissive of anyone and anything associated with the unseen. He is forced to reconsider what he believes in when paranormal events begin to intrude on his busy social life.

Reluctantly at first, he begins digging into the unknown. While coming to terms with startling revelations about his own abilities, he discovers an entirely new existence that transforms him, the sceptic, into a humble seeker of truth. In doing so, he gains access to wisdom about why you live and what happens when you die.

This provocative and compelling novel takes the reader on a fascinating journey. The novel assists us with reconciling our current beliefs about life and death with new understandings that are evoked as we read it.

When you die is an absolute must read.

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When you die


Lourens Coetzer






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